Master Upwork

and Increase your Upwork Income

Master Upwork with ACT

Getting degrees is not enough to succeed in the competitive world of international business. Communication and professional skills are demanded too.  ACT offers this program to turn you into a professional with effective communication skills that can overcome all the obstacles of your career.

-- Features and Scope:

  • Find ideal Freelance Jobs
  • Start Conversations with Clients
  • Win the Freelance Jobs you want
  • Maximize your Freelance Earnings

-- Course Content:

  1. Account Setup and Approval
  2. Your Profile
  3. Key Success Factors
  4. Your First Jobs
  5. The Money: Earnings, Upwork fees
  6. Picking the Right Jobs
  7. Jobs to Avoid
  8. Proposals
  9. First Meeting
  10. Presentation
  11. Winning the Job
  12. Starting Work
  13. Success Rates
  14. Next Level Success

-- Course Duration

6 Sessions

-- Class Timings

1:30 Minutes  |   Only Saturday

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