International English Language Testing ​


IELTS is an international exam which tests your four communicative skills. While most of the students’ main target is to pass the examination, ACT also focuses on skill development rather than only on passing the exam. ACT provides you with comprehensive training to improve all four of your communicative skills, in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. Having developed all four communicative skills you will be able to pass any kind of international language exams as well as you can communicate effectively in English language anywhere in the world. 

-- Features and Scope:

Placement test of the students is taken before joining IELTS course at ACT. Our experts guide you about your level and exam preparation scheme. Having completed the course you will be invited to take our final exam, and will be given a score in Bands. By the end of this, you will be able to appear in British council for IELTS examination with confidence and competence


-- Course Content:

Speaking (Speaking about familiar topics, speaking at length about a topic, discussion about abstract topics, organizing answers, pronunciation, fluency)

Reading (Skimming, Scanning, Comprehension)

Writing (Writing various types of letters and essays, letter and essay forms, summarizing graphs and charts)

Listening (Listening to and understanding conversations, getting used to different accents)

Grammar and Vocabulary (Improving accuracy and range)

-- Course Duration

2 weeks to 8 Weeks

-- Class Timings

1:30 Minutes  |   Morning and Evening

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