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Let’s Find Some English Learning Institutes Near Me

The best English Learning course is offered by many institutions in Pakistan. There are a significant number of institutes in Lahore offering English learning courses. Before discussing them we would get answers to some questions asked by different people or students.

Why Learning English is so vital?

English is the language of knowledge, aeronautics, computers, negotiation, and travel. Knowing English heaves your chances of getting a good job in a global enterprise within your home country or finding work abroad.

There are four utmost motives to understand the English language:

  1. English is the Language of Global Communiqué:

English may not be the utmost spoken language in the world, but it is the authorized language of 53 countries and is used by around 400 million people across the world. The ability to speak English is not just about being talented to communicate with native English speakers.

  • Language of business:

English is the dominant trademark language and it has become almost a requirement for people to speak English if they are to enter a global staff.

Research from all over the globe shows that cross-border trademarks communication is most often shown in English and many international corporations expect workforces to be fluent in English.

  • Speaking English gives you access to a World of recreation:

 Many of the world’s top flicks, files, and melodies are printed and formed in English. Therefore, by learning English you will have access to a great treasure of performing and will be able to have greater educational thoughts.

 If you speak English, you won’t need to rely on conversions and captions anymore to enjoy your favorite books, melodies, movies, and TV shows.

4. Learning English gives you more internet access:     

Learning English is significant as it gives you access to over half the content on the net. Knowing how to read English will permit you access to millions of pages of data that may not be else available.


  1.  Pacans – the best institute for IELTS.
  2.  Pitman training institute.
  3.  Hallmark education system- best IELTS Academy

Many pupils go through ages of English schooling without being able to speak self-confidently. There are various English learning institutes near me. Gaining confidence takes patience and lots of person-to-person practice. We take the pressure away by allowing students to practice with our coach and receive immediate feedback. We merge live physical classes with activity-based learning. It helps improve your English communication skills and confidence for everyday conditions.

In other institutions, this course is designed for learning English at higher Secondary and Elementary levels to acquire and develop English language knowledge and skills. This is understood at 2 different levels: ABC and Basic User (beginners).

The Basic course incorporates 3 basic components:

1. Basic English

2. Business English

3. Professional English

But the role of ACUMEN CAREER TRAINERS in providing the Best English language courses in Lahore is vital.


The mission of ACT is to reform and develop an educated, trained and peaceful society through quality research and enriching daily programs for all societal segments at a personal and professional level. 


It is situated in Muslim Town Mor, near Metro Canal Stop Lahore, Pakistan.


Sir Muhammad Usman Ali Khan, The ACT Chairman, himself is a trainer of the English Language Course. He has several national and international certifications with extensive experience of

  • Communication skills teaching
  • Teachers training
  • Leadership skills
  • Professional skills
  • Personality growing
  • Motivational training

He is M.A TEFL (Pk), Dip.   TEFL (USA) qualified and possesses a variety of teaching and leadership training certifications from different top-notch universities. He has delivered so far his bests of hundreds of communication skills, career counseling and Professional Training sessions, soft skills programs, and motivational seminars at a score of schools, universities, and companies such as

• University of Punjab


• Punjab Police Training. Etc


The students learn to pronounce, browse and write. They obtain knowledge of fundamental grammatical structures and purposes. They obtain their basic vocabulary to fulfill the above-mentioned functions in roles, topics, and discussions.

The students learn to comprehend spoken language. Listening texts comprise monologues and interacting speakers. They are taught to focus on understanding the gist, and the main points, look for detail or specific information and deduce the meaning.

The students are offered adapted educational reading material and are inspired to learn to use different methods for various reading purposes:: identifying the main points in a text, looking for detail, locating specific information in a text, understanding a text structure, etc.


This course starts during the first intensive course with the introduction of the students to the world of business.

Course aims:

• develop the student’s comprehension of business and economic texts.

• develop the student’s listening skills in the field of business and trademark

• provide the students with opportunities to express business concepts by reformulating them in their own words while summarizing.

  • Skills development

Students are taught to develop their skills in:

  • Reading skill
  • Writing skill
  • Listening skill
  • Speaking skill

Reading skill includes:

  • Reading the passages and comprehension which helps us to improve vocabulary.

     Writing Skills includes:

  • Essay content and structure (patterns of organization, paragraphing, discussion – argument/counter-argument, advantages and disadvantages, topic sentence and supporting ideas, punctuation). 

Listening Skill includes:

  • General comprehension (listening for gist, listening for detailed information, evaluating the importance of information).
  • Lectures (categorizing the topic and main motives, classifying relationships among major ideas, knowing main information).

Speaking Skill includes:

  • Seminar skills (approving and discordant, illustrative, questioning, concluding).
  • Presentation skills (introductions, highlighting key points, summaries, conclusions).

The objectives of this course are:

  • Morphology to improve vocabulary
  • Syntax to learn grammar.
  • English phonology to learn pronunciation that includes IPA chart.
  • Works on receptive and productive skills
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Confidence building
  • Personal grooming
  • Professional skills
  • Business communication skills
  • Leadership skills
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