Business Communication

Learn to Handle Your Clients Professionally

Business Communication

The course begins by focusing on business writing and specifically grammar. If you work in a professional environment, your clients and co-workers are all educated and know grammar well. Few things make you look less professional than business writing with poor grammar. After the first part of the course, you will understand grammar rules to make your business writing clear and professional.

After you master business grammar, you can apply your business writing skills to many other skills like memo writing, writing text messages, writing email to managers, co-workers, or potential clients.

-- Features and Scope:

  • Business grammar and business English
  • How to conduct yourself professionally
  • Writing a business letter
  • Conflict resolution
  • Professional email writing
  • Meeting communication

-- Course Content:

1. Customer and Its Importance

2. Customer Handling

3. Customer’s Need Analysis

4. How to Give Professional Response

5. Proposal Writing Skills

6. How to Deal with Difficult Clients

7. English Writing Skills

8. English Grammar and Syntax


-- Course Duration

8 Sessions

-- Class Timings

1:30 Minutes  |   Twice a Week

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